Dyson Canister Vacuums

Dyson DC39 Animal

Dyson DC39 Animal

The DC39 Animal is a very powerful model that comes with their unique Ball technology and steering mechanism. Instead of wheels the vacuum rides on a large ball, which also houses many of their internal components including the motor. The result is unmatched maneuverability as you pull it around your home.

Dyson DC21

Dyson DC21 Canister Vacuums

The DC21 is another very powerful model that is outfitted with their Root Cyclone™ technology. With a lot of suction that doesn't slow down via clogs, you can deep clean your carpets as well as handle your delicate hardwoods. It's a potent combination.

Dyson DC22

Dyson DC22 Canister Vacuums

The DC22 Turbine Head is a very small and lightweight model with enough attachments to clean just about any surface in your home. The digital motor has ample suction and the HEPA filtration will remove over 99% of the smallest of allergens from the air resulting in up to 150 times less mold and bacteria in your home.

Dyson DC23

Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuums

The DC23 canister vacuum cleaner from Dyson gives you tremendous maneuverability and powerful suction. You also get a lifetime HEPA filter that removes more than 99% of the smallest allergens from your home.

Dyson DC26

Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The DC26 multi floor is a very compact and lightweight model that weighs just over 12 pounds. It works great on a variety of floors yet still has the power and performance that Dyson is known for.