Hoover S1361 Portable Bagged Canister Vacuums

Hoover Portable Bagged VacuumThere are times when you don't need a full sized canister vacuum cleaner for getting your home free of dirt and dust. This is why Hoover built their portable S1361 model. It has many of the same features as their larger cleaners, but in a much smaller and compact package. While it isn't an ideal choice for a large home, it is just right for those less demanding applications. Why spend more money on a larger model when the S1361 will get the job done?

Hoover designed this model to be used in apartments, dormatories, cars, and any other place where space is at a premium. It comes outfitted with a variable speed motor so you can turn the suction down for use on harder floors and then turn it back up for carpets. There are many times when maximum power just isn't needed to get the surface free of dirt and other debris. It is at this time when the portable Hoover really shines.

Other Features Of The S1361

  • Telescopic wand for those hard to reach places
  • Swivel nozzle can reach those small crevices
  • 17 foot cord with automatic rewind when you are done vacuuming
  • Bare floor and carpet nozzle for a variety of floor types
  • Entire set of onboard cleaning tools
  • Full bag indicator light
  • Lightweight and compact design that anybody can handle
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

Our Opinion Of It

Hoover is one of the biggest names in the home vacuum cleaner industry. Their S1361 portable canister is an affordable option for those who do not need the size and power of a full sized machine. With many onboard cleaning tools, a telescopic wand, and very lightweight design it is ideal for many cleaning jobs. It isn't an ideal vacuum for large homes, but that is not what it was designed for. If you have a smaller area to clean or just want something you can easily vacuum your car, home office, and hard floors with then the S1361 is a great choice.

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Hoover S1361 Portable Canister Vacuum
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